HPE Tech Pro

Connect, Learn, Grow.

HPE Tech Pro is a free, exclusive, global technical community for partner solution architects and HPE presales professionals to connect, learn, and grow together. Everything you need to design solutions is now in one place—along with features like learning paths—so that you can learn, architect, and advance solutions, and wield the full power of HPE to drive growth and business outcomes.

HPE Tech Pro overview

Everything you need to design solutions is now in one place.

Why join?

As a member, you have insider access to best-in-class HPE technical tools, resources, and expertise, along with industry-leading certification and training options. As you invest in building your skills and knowledge through certifications and continuous learning, you’ll get access to more tools, resources and benefits.


  • Join a unique technical community including HPE Presales and Partner Solution Architects, as well as HPE global business unit (GBU) and product team members.
  • Build relationships through online collaboration, at technical events, and in local engagements.
  • Access the insider tools, resources, expertise, and people you need to delight your customers.


  • Advance your skills in consulting, solution architecture, and implementation though training and certification.
  • Stay current on HPE and industry innovation by accessing the same resources as HPE employees.
  • Find the exact training and information you need to serve your customer “just in time.”


  • Expand your network and develop in your career.
  • Collaborate with other HPE Tech Pro members to enhance the solutions you build for your customers.
  • Earn incentives and benefits based on your career investments with HPE.
  • Become recognized as an expert by customers, employers, and peers.

HPE Tech Pro Portal provides access to all of HPE’s technical tools and resources.

Tech Pro main page screenshot
  1. Favorite tools

    Quickly access the tools that are most popular among our members.

  2. Certifications and training

    See what certifications are available to you. View options for technical certifications and courses, self-paced and instructor training, and opportunities for hands-on lab experience.

  3. Online Forums/Communities

    Collaborate with members, peers, and experts. Prepare for customer opportunities. Build relationships and access the latest technical information and discussions. Provide feedback to HPE product teams.

  4. Knowledge Management & Tools

    Access hundreds of HPE technical tools and resources in one place, including Demo portal, proposal web and more. Get guidance on the best tool to use. Find what you need—fast.

  5. Continuous Learning

    View your continuous learning status. Stay up-to-date on the latest solutions and approaches. Earn badges to promote your achievements.

  6. Recognition & Rewards

    Access your profile and preferences. Check your membership level and rewards status. Progress to higher rewards and benefits, and access deeper levels of content and resources according to your level.

  7. Golden Pitches

    Customer-facing technical presentations on key topics that are recorded by the “best of the best” HPE Presales and GBU architects to demonstrate what a good customer pitch looks and sounds like.

  8. Events

    View the HPE Tech Pro event calendar. Access strategic, targeted content and technical training in virtual and live events. Get invited to exclusive events based on your membership level.

Build the breadth and depth of your technical knowledge

Certifications are keystone technical credentials: they provide a way to acquire and validate core career skills, and stay relevant based on the trajectory of technology innovation in the industry. Continuous learning builds on that core learning with a layered approach, so when new products or solutions are introduced, content is available “just in time” and in a structured and curated way. This enables you to stay current on HPE product and solution innovations, prepare for customer opportunities, and extend your expertise into new areas.

Benefits of membership

With higher investment in certification and continuous learning, members can progress to higher rewards and benefits, and access deeper levels of content, resources, and discounts.